“A potash solution for Brazil’s Growing Potash Problem”

Fertilizer investments have grown in popularity in recent years, due in part to the emphasis placed on their importance presented by growing world populations and a reduction in the availability of arable land. However, Verde Potash’s unique Cerrado Verde Project offers value that sets the company apart from competitors on the agricultural mineral landscape.

  1. Agricultural minerals are growing as an increasingly important commodity on the investment landscape.
  2. Brazil has come to be known as the breadbasket of the world, having more available arable land than anywhere else on Earth, and the technical expertise to develop it.
  3. Potash and other fertilizers are necessary to increase agricultural crop yields to feed a growing international population.
  4. Verde Potash is single-mindedly focused on the fertilizer business and has assembled a specialized team that understands the industry.
  5. Cerrado Verde’s high grade potash rock is found at surface, allowing faster construction of a scalable and low Capex operation.
  6. Cerrado Verde is located where the demand is, in the midst of the world’s third largest fertilizer market and its fastest growing one.
  7. Cerrado Verde connects to Brazil's largest fertilizer distribution districts via existing and high quality infra-structure.
  8. Verde Potash believes Brazilian federal and state development banks will play an important role in providing financial support for the Cerrado Verde Potash Project.
  9. The Company’s Calcario Limestone exploration project supports the development of Cerrado Verde and could offer additional value for Brazilian farmers and fertilizer blenders.
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